Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a great tool for digital marketing. Starting from scratch and interviewing you on your target audience, and message you want to deliver. Our professionals will create all the graphics, gather the geographic locations, and deliver the email message to your target audience utilizing specific email addresses gathered by your company. We recommend utilizing your company’s customer database. But we can also help facilitate a unique email list targeting your specific services and customer interest.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Local Businesses

Develop Relationships
The primary reason for having an email list is to cultivate a relationship with people who have either purchased your product or services already or who are thinking about it. These are customers and prospects, respectively, and they should be kept on separate lists.

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Send Reminders
If your business will be closed for vacation or renovations, or if you will be closed every Friday during the summer, don’t just post a sign on your store window. Go one step further and send an email to your lists so customers don’t drive to your location only to find a closed shop.

It’s true that you don’t want to fill every email with a pitch for your product or services but it’s alright to toot your own horn when it comes to business achievements. If you hire a new sales manager, receive an award from the Chamber of Commerce or sponsor a charity event, let your list know about it.

Answer Common Questions
How many times in a day or a week are you asked the same questions? Keep track of the most common questions people have and make a point of emailing the answers to your lists. They might be specific to your business, such as your hours, address, or billing cycle.

Compile the answers to these questions on a FAQ page on your website and then email your list with that page link. Or you can answer each question in a separate email loaded to your autoresponder, so each person who subscribes to your list will receive the answer.

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