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5 Reasons Facebook is a Great Social Media Channel for Your Business

  • User Volume: over 2 Billion active users worldwide
  • Affordable Advertising: Facebook costs less than Google and allows you to promote your posts and ads simultaneously on Instagram
  • Facebook Analytics: user friendly; gives up to the minute results that track your ad campaigns
  • Branding: Facebook helps build loyalty of current customers and over time your customers, willingly and for free, tell others about you
  • Video: Facebook has made it easier than ever to share your videos – studies show that posts with images and video do better than text in social media

Social media advertising is a massive and untapped market that LAH Promotions will help you navigate. Our social media management strategy means putting your business in front of the millions who use social sites on a daily basis.

Recent Facebook data shows that over 35% of online searches are influenced by social media before making purchasing decisions. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can become a powerful tool, drawing in more visitors and creating more revenue.

Facebook in particular is a powerful potential market. Advertising on Facebook allows you access to a wide audience divided by age, location, occupation, interests, and more.

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