Call Tracking

What is call tracking?

Businesses make all kinds of investments to stimulate growth. Of these investments, marketing is one of the most important. It’s more than merely advertising a product or service—when used correctly, marketing is “buying” customers for the business. Call tracking (also known as call measurement) is gathering metrics and analytics to report on trends in the marketing performance you’re investing in.

Find out where your marketing is falling short and where it’s bringing in business.

Call tracking gives you vision into every call that’s coming into your business, so you can determine if your advertising efforts are actually working. Instead of shooting in the dark, call tracking gives you data that shows whether or not you’re hitting the mark—are the ads you’re spending money on actually bringing in leads and customers?

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How does call tracking work?

Call tracking is simple, and it will revolutionize how you spend your marketing dollars. Here’s how it’s done: We provide you with a unique phone number on each advertisement, billboard, web page, or marketing piece you send out. The phone numbers allow you to track the performance of each marketing effort by showing the actual response to each ad.

Our reporting interface lets you visualize the data, so you can easily see your results as they come in. Acting on this data will improve your business’s ROI as you shift around your marketing budgets to match what actually produces results.

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A Call Tracking Example

Imagine you’re a local plumber who’s planning on advertising your business in the local phone book, in the newspaper, and on television. You’re interested in seeing which method is most successful, so you buy three different phone numbers (which all ring to your office phone) to use as call tracking numbers for the ads—one for the phone book ad, one for your newspaper ad, and one for the television commercials, etc.

After a few weeks of advertising on all three media, you check to see which phone numbers received the most calls. You find out the phone number on your phone book ad has received five times as many calls as the number from the television ad. Surprisingly, you find that the newspaper ad received no phone calls.

Now you have the data you need to reassess your marketing strategy. You have the evidence to pull your newspaper ad and to spend more on your phone book ads. Maybe adding a coupon in the back of the phone book will boost calls even more? With call tracking, you can test it!

How much do you stand to gain through call tracking?

Call tracking doesn’t end once you’ve figured out who’s calling from where. Use it in every advertising format, from out-of-home to online. Once you’ve figured out each cost per call, you can use call tracking to monitor your conversion analytics, so you know exactly how one medium stacks up against another in terms of conversion.

Get a clear picture of the whole conversion process, from website visits to phone calls.

See where your online visitors are landing—and converting—with website call tracking. We find the missing links in your conversion rates by showing you when a visitor starts on your website and then calls to make a purchase. Much like phone call tracking, website call tracking empowers you with data, so you won’t have to guess where customers are coming from. When you use website call tracking, you can see at a keyword-level what’s working for internet marketing.

Learn more about website call tracking.

Move from tracking calls to tracking customer experiences.
Once you’re tracking individual marketing pieces with a unique tracking phone number, the next step is to identify which sources convert best into a positive business outcome—a purchase or a customer commitment. Call Monitoring shows you which calls made you money and which calls lost you money. You will know your true ROI per marketing source, and you will see how well your employees meet your customers’ needs.

Then, a commitment to Customer Recovery gives you a second chance to turn those missed opportunities into happy customers. We provide you the information you need to overcome customer objections and save lost leads before they choose a competitor.

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